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Data Services 

Adapting data science technologies and streamlined workflows to acquire, manage and utilize Big Data


Store and publish your data

Intuitively view your indicators

Automated data mining strategies that interact seamlessly with our internal database

Support and motivate open data initiatives

Database to formulate insightful data-driven snapshots of thematic issues

Nexus between data and storytelling  in order to empower and facilitate the ability to tell better stories

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Comprehensive Data Coverage

Access to a wide range of geospatial datasets, spanning various themes such as demographics, land use, transportation, and environmental.


This comprehensive coverage ensures that users have access to the data they need for their analysis and decision-making processes.

Customizable Data Enrichment

Allowing users to enrich their existing datasets with additional attributes, enabling enhanced analytical value tailored to specific needs

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Centralized Data Repository

Access a diverse range of integrated geospatial and tabular datasets through a single point of access to simplify data discovery 

Empowering You

Practical Applications. How is it useful ?

Data is ubiquitous, but processing it takes time. Our data workflows and technologies take care of this so you can focus on insights


Effective decision making requires a wide array of information. Leverage our comprehensive databases with ease to help support your analytical needs and drive data-backed decisions


Enhance your data with ours. Our data enrichment allows you to elevate the utility of your proprietary data with automated integration and spatial overlay of data from our repositories

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