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Digital Storylines

Explore our visual narratives that transform data and analyses into engaging and interactive stories for any audience

An interactive storytelling experience 

Visualization Platform StoryMaps


We turn complex data and analysis into stories that captivate and inform

Our interactive content ensures more active audience engagement 

Designed and tailored to suit any type of audience

Shared effortlessly to reach anyone, anywhere

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Data based Storytelling

Compelling storytelling through visualization, designed to bring data and statistics to life and resonate with your audience.

This interactive learning experience promotes deeper comprehension and retention of information, providing a spatial context

Large Scale Impact Illustrations

Intuitive visual descriptions of hazards and assets exposed to the threat of sea level rise. 

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Display Interactive Elements

Incorporate interactive elements into your story to better engage your audience and enhance their comprehension of your work


Display dynamic multimedia elements such as videos, audio clips and interactive timelines that will help the project resonate with your audience

Let Communities Speak

The interactive nature of StoryMaps enables effective user engagement, facilitating the exploration of underlying information, scenarios and impacts


Share Stories,

Empowering You

Simplicity and robustness can co-exist. Integrate complex spatial data into visually enhanced storylines to help data speak for you and elevate your project narrative


Audiences are diverse. Tailor a storyline that speaks to any type of reader, enriched by dynamic elements and multimedia, leading to better uptake of your work


Remove barriers to information. Share your narrative effortlessly with our easy to use and open access StoryMaps

Find some of our work here

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2020-2050 Spatial Economic Strategy for Costa Rica

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Adapting to rising sea levels in Marshall Islands

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¿Qué está en juego?


Managing Sea Level Rise in Florida

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