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Sustainable and resilient infrastructure

  • Investment Portfolio Prioritization:

       Green Taxonomy, Portfolio Analysis,                 Climate Resilience Prioritization

  • Project Level Evaluation:

       Sustainability Criteria, Climate Rapid                 Assessment, Transportation Planning

  • Public Policy Recommendations:

       By themes, sectors, and governance

Blue Economy and Coastal Resiliency

Production, Trade and Value Chain Analytics


  • Marine Spatial Planning and Geospatial Analysis

  • Frameworks and action plans

  • Comprehensive database of blue economy criteria and indicators

  • Spatial Planning and Geospatial Analysis

  • Econometric Modeling and Spatial Economic Strategy

  • Long term climate adaptation and resilience planning

  • Scenario Planning and Risk Communication

  • Value Chain Mapping and Fisheries Development

  • Green and Blue economy development

  • Strategies for business development and capture of Foreign Direct Investments 

  • Trade, integration and logistics frameworks

  • Upskilling, reskilling  and human capital prospection and development

  • Entrepreneurial risk, climate adaptation, and resilience assessments

  • Strategies to increase competitiveness and innovation

  • Support and evaluation of decarbonization, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

  • Carbon Emissions and Built Volume

  • Analysis and Diagnostics: National, regional, and metropolitan scale

  • Strategy, Policy, and Plans: Strategic planning recommendations, analysis-driven policies and spatially specific investment plans on thematic topics of urban resilience, sustainable tourism, blue economy

Urban and Regional Sustainability

  • Identify and address key country development challenges

  • Territorial Analysis of Variables

  • Sustainable Tourism Strategies  

  • Territorial Intelligence through Spatial Data Analysis

Natural resources and climate adaptation

Social inclusion and human Capital

  • Landscape Planning and Nature Base Solution

  • Identifying geographic locations of potential environmental impacts

  • climate adaptation planning

  • Environmental Intelligence through Landscape Analysis

  • Land Use and Land Cover Analysis

  • Environmental Hazard and Exposure

  • Gender, youth and vulnerable populations inclusion 

  • Strategies and implementation of economic and human development initiatives

  • Social Vulnerability Assessment

  • Socio-economic Intelligence through Human Capital Analysis

Territorial Economic Development

  • Public private partnerships, Investment design, and non-debt financing schemes 

  • Territorial Economic Strategy for Decarbonized and Inclusive Growth

  • Regional Input-Output Models 

  • Geostatistical Econometric Models

  • Circular Economy

Geospatial Services 

  • Dimensional GIS Database creation

  • Remote Sensing data analysis

  • Institutional and Open-Source data catalogs

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Big Data

  • GIS Data Creation and Analysis

  • Information and Scenario Modeling

Online Platform Visualization and Dashboard

  • Visualization and Digital Products: Dashboards, decision support systems

  • StoryMaps Platform (online services)

  • Desktop, Web, and Mobile Mapping storytelling

  • Audio visual and multimedia

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